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About Us

Since I first started working as a full-time Landscaper in 2012, I’ve been associated with a high

level of quality and professionalism. It’s why I’ve developed such a well-known reputation as

the go-to Landscaper in Canton.

I enjoy working with new and returning customers, and am committed to providing each one

with the best service possible. I’m so proud of what I have achieved since 2012 and look forward

to working with my loyal clients for many years to come.

Alex's determination for the arranging business began at a youthful age. He purchased his first

mower at twelve years old from a Bairs Lawn & Garden and started to cut grass for neighbors. By word of mouth, his customer base began to develop and he embraced the name 'Alex's Lawn Care' essentially on the grounds that , that is the means by which everybody knew him. His effort and determination helped him grow over the years. With a talent for business and an adoration for his work he chose to frame Lawns R Us Landscaping LLC in 2016. customer service, quality of product and the power of loving what we do. We offer a variety of lawn and landscaping services to meet all your needs this season and years to come.


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